Telephone Systems

Gigaset Analogue Phones

Whether you are looking for a telephone for home use, Gigaset offers a wide range of elegantly designed telephones with helpful features and a high-quality sound.

We offer the following models: Gigaset M2, Gigaset S4, Gigaset S400, Gigaset Repeater, Gigaset SL780, Gigaset SL400, Gigaset S810, Gigaset E630A, Gigaset DA610, Gigaset DA310, Gigaset A400.

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The Open Unified Communications telephones.

OpenStage is a new generation of phones which sets the benchmark for open and unified communications.

These stylish devices provide an intuitive and engaging communication experience, incorporating innovative features.

OpenStage is the prelude to a new era of high quality and user-oriented communications solutions that, through their design concept, sustainably protect the environment and are distinguished by high energy efficiency.

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