HiPath 4000

The innovative Real Time IP System HiPath 4000 combines the advantages of IP-based communications and the service spectrum of telephone line communications systems.



The Real Time IP System for medium-sized up to very large enterprises

A new quality in IP communications

The innovative Real Time IP System HiPath 4000 combines the advantages of IP-based communications and the service spectrum of telephone line communications systems – with greater resilience than could previously have been expected from pure TDM solutions. It is the right communications solution for medium-sized to very large companies and groups of companies that place the highest demands on safety, flexibility and services. The architecture of the communications system can be applied to companies with a spread-out, discrete architecture, as well as to companies with a campus structure.

Via a shared open IP architecture companies can connect and communicate between different locations within a comprehensive network infrastructure.

HiPath 4000 offers sophisticated functions in IP and/or TDM environments, and, due to the interoperability with the Real Time IP Systems HiPath 3000, HiPath 5000 and HiPath 8000, also makes possible the adjustment to customer-specific solutions – for any company size and any requirements.

Through its comprehensive resilience functions, HiPath 4000 secures company profitability that is achievable from HiPath communications solutions and their intelligent applications. A wide range of options, further development opportunities and higher added value from existing and future investments make the HiPath 4000 Real Time IP System a particularly economical decision.

HiPath 4000 – from Siemens, of course

Through a dialog with the customer, Siemens Enterprise Communications develops innovative communications solutions that set trends and support enterprises in reaching their goals.

Perfectly adapted to the most diverse branches and different company sizes and structures.

The Real Time IP System HiPath 4000 also offers all the advantages that have made Siemens the leading provider of communications solutions: especially high reliability and protection against failure, combined with the greatest level of flexibility and performance, along with fantastic compatibility and maximum scalability. Siemens is the only provider of complete solutions consisting of wireless infrastructure, user applications and devices. Only these end-to-end solutions offer a high return on investment, low total cost of ownership, and facilitate smooth implementation.

And all this from a single source with the comprehensive portfolio of HiPath Services.

HiPath 4000 – makes the difference

By combining the well-known strengths of TDM technology and the advantages of Voice over IP architecture, HiPath 4000 offers companies a comprehensive spectrum of resilience functions.

These include modular, multi-level redundancy, failure safety, as well as access protection.

The use of open standards, such as SIP and SRTP, opens up numerous expansion options for companies.

Almost limitless expandability HiPath 4000 is therefore also suitable for very large companies or as a future scenario for company expansions, because with this scalability you will remain flexible for further expansions. Existing systems, such as HiPath 2000, HiPath 3000 or HiPath 4000, can be easily integrated into any IP or TDM infrastructure of the HiPath 4000 through an improved HiPath CorNet IP Interworking.



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