Polycom SoundStation IP

Using your new or existing IP network, the SoundStation IP allows for an effortless and superior IP voice conferencing experience.



Conference Room Solutions: SoundStation IP Family

Go pure IP – no need for special terminal adapters or lines in your conference room! Using your new or existing IP network, the SoundStation IP allows for an effortless and superior IP voice conferencing experience. Our family of VoIP solutions delivers optimal voice conferencing performance and reliability that’s just like being there. With the LCD screen and programmable soft keys, the SoundStation IP enables you to simply access the rich, advanced features of our newest conference room phone.

SoundStation IP 4000 – Remarkable Voice Quality For Your SIP Environment!

The SoundStation IP 4000 voice conferencing unit is the answer for organizations that are ready for the benefits and versatility of a SIP enabled business. Designed for offices or small to medium sized conference rooms, the SoundStation IP 4000 SIP provides remarkable room coverage. You can speak naturally from up to 10-feet away from a microphone and still be heard clearly on the far end of the call. Need coverage for a larger room? The optional extension microphones offer an increased pickup for larger rooms. Plus, with gated microphone technology, echo and background noise is almost entirely eliminated

SoundStation IP 3000

As Polycom’s first Voice over IP standards-based conference phone, the SoundStation IP 3000 delivers the same Acoustic Clarity Technology that has made us the leader in analog conferencing. It accommodates leading protocols and is upgradeable, allowing customers to protect their investment as standards and protocols evolve. The easy-to-use display provides access to call management features through an intuitive interface.

Supports H.323 V2 protocol, and interoperates with Polycom VSX, ViewStation, ViaVideo¨ II, and PathNavigator.

SoundStation IP 3000 – 3Com¨ NBX¨

Building upon the features of the SoundStation IP 3000, the 3Com NBX version was developed to seamlessly integrate with 3Com SuperStack¨ 3 and NBX 100 Networked Telephony Solutions. Allows for easy conferencing with up to four parties without the need for special analog lines or analog terminal adapters. Just plug the phone into your existing network and, from the conference room, access all the NBX features you are used to on the desktop.


Freedom to choose multiple protocols PC access via Web browser Full-duplex speakerphone with Acoustic Clarity Technology Graphical LCD display Three context-sensitive soft keys Simple to install


Polycom SoundStation IP