HiPath 3000 – open for increased efficiency in enterprises


HiPath 3000 is a powerful, reliable communication platform for every sector of industry.

It offers you the variety of services of classic telephony, combined with state-of-the-art solutions for Unified Communications.

And all in one single, flexible and cost-saving configuration. As a modular communication platform, HiPath 3000 is able to satisfy the requirements of companies with stringent demands. It is a flexible and scalable solution that can be combined with an incredibly broad range of applications and features and coordinated with the individual requirements of your company.

HiPath 3000 is an innovative and flexible convergence platform that perfectly adapts communications to the company structure medium-sized businesses. Whether your aim is to enhance growth or seamlessly integrate branch offices or mobile staff, the three expansion stages of the HiPath 3000 are the perfect solution for optimizing costs and business processes.

HiPath 3000 Real Time Services Manager supports optimized HiPath network administration for up to 32 nodes and 1,000 stations. It also provides real time services and features on a network-wide and cross-system basis.

Internet telephony

Nowadays, there are more network providers offering telephony services than ever before. As the de-facto standard for Internet telephony, induces Internet telephony service providers (ITSP) to provide attractive applications and business models.

With its SIP interfaces, HiPath 3000 helps to converge network services and to drastically cut communication costs.

HiPath 3000 already supports new SIP options, including SIP phones or user and system connections for Internet telephony.

With Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and authentication applications, you can shape your company securely for the future with HiPath 3000, without any compromises in terms of security.

Secure company connection

HiPath 3000 offers modern security mechanisms for optimal connection to the company network to better serve the needs of increasing staff mobility and new working methods (teleworking, for instance).

The system’s integrated VPN (Virtual Private Network) function lets staff access confidential information at any time, from any location in the world over a low-cost, secure Internet connection.

Another major advantage is that mobile staff can be reached via their company phone number, regardless of their location. This service is both cost-effective and secure.