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Siemens Unify Openscape Business X3 X5 X8

SIEMENS UNIFY OpenScape Business X3 X5 X8 offers SMB business a solution to their demands in one box, providing the easy way from Voice to UCC, from hybrid TDM to full IP, including Web Collaboration, voice and fax message boxes, notification service, mobility, a Multimedia Contact Center and presence status functions. As standalone system up to 500 subscribers and in networked systems up to 1000 subscribers can be connected.


SIEMENS UNIFY OpenScape Business X3:

  • flexible and scalable IP system

  • supports all necessary digital and analogue interfaces

  • ideal for 5 to 40 users utilizing either analogue or ISDN2 lines

  • X3 supports any combination of IP, analogue, and digital telephones, as well as PC clients and cordless phones

SIEMENS UNIFY OpenScape Business X5:

  • Openscape X5 is a flexible rack or wall mounted system

  • offers solutions to suit many different basic to complex applications

  • Real-Time IP system that also supports all necessary digital and analogue interfaces

  • Interactive user prompting via display and dialogue keys on OpenStage handsets

  • Quick and easy activation of features via handset

  • Ideal for 12 to 80 users with ISDN2, ISDN30 or analogue lines

  • Universal software concept offers a professional range of features normally only available on larger systems

SIEMENS UNIFY OpenScape Business X8:

  • OSBiz X8 is the largest of the OpenScape Business family

  • supporting up to 128 channels of ISDN lines, 60 channels of SIP as well 500 IP handsets and up to 328 digital or analogue handsets

  • Allows mix of trunks depending on your business needs and allows deployment of the fully featured OpenScape UC platform

  • Native IP connectivity allows users to share their applications and resources within a single location or throughout a multi-site network

  • X8 delivers intelligence in communications

These are “All-In-One” Hardware platforms with:

  • onboard IP access and support for up to 500 subscribers

  • IP, digital (UP0E), ISDN (BRI), analog (a/b), cordless (DECT) devices

  • UC Smart application is fully embedded

  • Connection to public WAN is done via SIP (LAN), ISDN (BRI und PRI) or analog trunks.

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